EMDR for Clinicians Pro

EMDR for Clinicians Pro

“EMDR For Clinicians PRO” is the leading clinician-grade EMDR application developed for use on iOS platforms. We have designed this application from the ground up to allow for optimum ergonomics and ease-of-use in real world clinical settings.

Developed on the basis of extensive feedback and clinical testing of our original “EMDR For Clinicians”, the first EMDR application developed for iOS, our new application introduces several new often-requested features which were until now lacking from any EMDR mobile device.

Clinicians can now select from three tones, and can adjust the speed of play. We have increased the maximum available speed to 200% of the speed available in the original application. A new “Duration” slider now controls the length of each tone, allowing for maximum flexibility.

Following extensive testing, we have developed an entirely new and extremely robust system for clinicians to track EMDR sets. With a touch of the “view last ten sets” button, at the bottom of the interface, users can reference an unlimited number of preceding sets and associated length and tones data.

For maximum ergonomics, the application’s main interface now displays both the length of the current set in minutes and seconds, and the number of tones of the set.

“EMDR for Clinicians PRO” can be used with any set of headphones, or can be plugged into computer speakers.

To get greater range of physical space between the client and the clinician, you can use a 3.5 male to female extender cord, and you can plug headphones into that.

Background on EMDR: EMDR is a model of psychotherapy that has been demonstrated in many studies to be highly effective at treating the symptoms of trauma and other psychological issues. EMDR uses a structured eight-phase psychotheraputic approach which addresses the past, present, and future aspects of dysfunctionally stored memory. During the processing phases of EMDR, the client attends to the disturbing memory in multiple brief sets of about 15–30 seconds, while simultaneously focusing on the dual attention stimulus. Following each set of such dual attention, the client is asked what associative information was elicited during the procedure.

Note: This application is for use only by clinicians who have received appropriate training in EMDR.

  • · A major upgrade to “EMDR For Clinicians”, the original EMDR application for iOS
  • · Can be used with any set of headphones, or can be plugged into computer speakers.
  • · Adjustable frequency tones designed for EMDR.
  • · Adjustable speed control
  • · Adjustable tone duration
  • · Choose from three pre-set tones
  • · Track an unlimited number of prior sets
  • · Displays the duration of each reprocessing set, in minutes and seconds
  • · Displays the number of tones of each reprocessing set